This website is a private blog of the name-giving private person Jan Dieckmann. Filled with my personal information, stories, opinions and points of view. The main purpose of the publishing is to inform my family and friends but it serves also as elucidation for everybody else who is interested. (To register as a user you’ll need the invitation code comein.)

I started the blog in four languages matching the four languages I use to interact with people around me. I made acquaintanceships and friendships in these four languages and not everybody is understanding German. Next to the idea to improve my own language skills I intend to give at least a few information for these people. But unfortunately I often lake the mood and time to do this multi translation work especially as I don’t wanna do it all automatically. On the other hand I have a slightly preference to inform English speaking readers rather than training my skills. So if you like to contribute by translating one text from German to one of the other languages, I would be very happy.

So far and as long as not indicated otherwise, all texts are written and all photos taken by myself. And they are all under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.