Last modification: Monday, 27. June 2022

At the beginning I really have had the idea to gain enough money by reporting about my life and writing some articles to pay my ongoing costs for my domain, this website and my e-mail communication. Unfortunately neither I kept on publishing here nor have I tried to spread my content.

My wish to us an own domain and the claim to communicate via my own web server persist. There is not much to pay for both but continuously. Here I publish the needed information to support me on this.

Fortunately both providers I use work in the way that my account has to be charged with money so they can take the exact amount from there when it’s due. These user accounts can be charged with bank transfers by everybody. It just needs the bank details and the correct reason for payment. However I decided to show these data only logged in users.

While I pay for the services of inxw a yearly fixed fee, the payment for Uberspace is flexible. I can adjust every time how much I like to pay monthly but 1,00 Euro is their minimum demand. I like to pay at least 5,00 Euro monthly and intend to always have a deposit for six month. Should there be more then 30,00 Euro at on point on this account, I will increase my monthly fee. Now it is 6 Euro.

For my domain I need 4,65 Euro till the 1st of August every year.
Recent deposit: Euro 5
Last sponsor: Jörn
You’ll find the bank details to charge the account here after your login.

For my webspace I need each month 5,00 Euro.
Recent deposit: Euro 72,00
Last sponsor: Mama
You’ll find the bank details to charge the account here after your login.

I am very thankful for any kind of support and will mention you as sponsor if you didn’t disagree. Inform me if you don’t find any update here after you made a transfer.