Finca Tierra (FT)

Lomada Grande 13, 38787 Garafía, La Palma ( Spain)
W3W: improvising.shrine.absorption


Although there have been several tries since the founding of the finca in 2000, no permanent community has emerged. But during these years Maine followed her idea of a dynamic community and developed a huge net of friendships and acquaintanceships that connects her with people in the neighbourhood and all over the world. For a few times a year some events like seminars and retreats take place or guest spend their holidays there. Otherwise Maine invites old and new friends who keep company for some days, weeks or even months and support her with the maintenance of the finca. Since I spend there every winter since 2014, what means beginning of December till end of April, I am the only constant besides Maine at this place.
Here you can see some pictures.

The image above shows a selection of the fruits available on the finca: There are bananas, loquats, cherimoyas, apples, avocados, guavas, canistels, oranges, papayas, tomatoes.

Stilisierte Reliefkarte von La Palma
The yellow flash shows the approximate situation of the Finca Tierra. It is situated on 530 metres.

The current weather sitation:


My stays there:

  • Inselwinter 2021/2022 (January 2022 -> May 2022)
  • Winterrefugium 2021 (January 2021 -> June 2021)
  • Winterquartier (December 2019 -> October 2020)
  • Winterquartier 2018/2019 (January 2019 -> May 2019)
  • Wintering grounds 2017/2018 (December 2017 -> April 2018)
  • Winter community 2016/2017 (November 2016 -> April 2017)