(Deutsch) Mit Argumenten

Categories With, published on Sunday, 13. February 2022, last modification: Sunday, 13. February 2022

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Um dem Wechselspiel treu zu bleiben, habe ich diesen Artikel als Gegenpol zu meiner Sicht auf Meinungen verfasst. Denn leider verweigern zu viele, die ihre Meinung hochhalten, den Umgang mit Argumenten. Gleichzeitig behaupte ich, dass ich mir eine Meinung sparen kann, weil oder wenn ich mich Argumenten bediene.
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With comprehension

Categories With, published on Friday, 6. July 2018, last modification: Friday, 6. July 2018

I am convinced that any behaviour of my fellow human beings is not based on malice, but has understandable motives. Things that also drive me, but that I have learned to achieve in other ways.

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With hat

Categories With, published on Sunday, 20. May 2018, last modification: Saturday, 14. July 2018

I wear a sun hat most of the time.

With many homes

Categories With, published on Tuesday, 27. March 2018, last modification: Tuesday, 12. June 2018

I have no official residence and no registration address but I have many homes.

With Egoism

Categories With, published on Sunday, 11. March 2018, last modification: Sunday, 8. April 2018

I call myself egoistic because I have the intention to be always at lovely places and surrounded by nice people. To increase the amount of places where I am welcomed and where I feel good. And that means to take care for my environment and that the people around me are in good mood.