Flores de Vida (FdV)

Vall del Puente, 50710 Maella, Aragón ( Spain)
W3W: hissy.builds.storing

Früchte in FdV

The project Flores de Vida in Aragón, in North-western Spain, was founded 2008 by the French guy Nat’. I am there mainly in May and June, also to support the Springtime session.

Agricultural Map of Flores de Vida
An architect made that map of the terrain that shows the divers floor spaces. The property is situated on approximately 330 metres.

The current weather situation:


My stays there:

  • (Deutsch) FdV Session Frühling 2017 (May 2017 -> June 2017)
  • Spring 2018 (May 2018 -> June 2018)
  • Flores de Vida 2019 (May 2019 -> June 2019)
  • Sommerbeginn auf dem Festland (June 2021 -> July 2021)